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Café at the Museum of Contemporary Art (GfZK) Leipzig, Germany

The concept and design of the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig’s Café is created by an artist – every three years.

>>>Jun Yang’s café is called Paris Syndrom. Paris Syndrome is the term for a type of psychological disorder suffered by Japanese tourists, whose longing for the fulfilment of their preconceptions about Paris is thwarted by the reality of the city. They suffer a kind of negative culture-shock which approaches trauma. The café name chosen by Jun Yang is indicative of the entire conception, whereby longing and disillusionment are experienced simultaneously upon encountering the reality of that which is desired. The wish for the unattainable expresses a desire that cannot be redeemed: emulation and replication create an image, a surface onto which unfulfilled longing can be projected.
The chairs are upholstered with imitation Louis Vuitton fabric; grandiose chandeliers hang from the café ceiling, which is decorated with stucco elements. The chairs are reminiscent of the designs of Charles and Ray Eames; the photographs on the walls show famous buildings from architectural history which have been reconstructed in various places around the world. Magazines such as the French ‘Vogue’ and ‘Wallpaper’ are put out for visitors; cover versions of famous songs recall the originals, only to reveal themselves as imitations. (GfZK webpage)<<<

Paris Syndrome is the title of a series of projects; it includes a café at the GfZK, an exhibition at Vitamin Creative Space in Guangzhou, an installation at the CIGE Art Fair in Beijing and later at the Sh Contemporary at the art Fair in Shanghai, a hotel room in Leipzig and most recently an installation at the Sharjah Art Foundation. It is the also title of single works: of a video, tile objects, cardboard indoor plants, copies/interpretations of Eames Chairs, a photo series of dislocated and copied landmarks, a wallpaper showing exactly the same tiles as on the objects, red Chinese meat market lampshades, tables covered with adhesive vinyl of wood pattern, etc.

Café Paris Syndrom 2008-2010.
Some parts of the Café’s interior was integrated in the Hotel Paris Syndrom, 2010 at the same museum.
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It is part of the groups of works titled Paris Syndrome:
> Paris Syndrome