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red carpet, tables, chairs, children play table in the shape of Austria covered with Lego, Lego-bricks, video installation

Waiting room at the naturalisation office of the City of Innsbruck, capital of state Tirol in Austria.
Different sizes of tables with different shades of green; for different sitting situations and configurations. Chairs made by the local furniture company Hussl.
Children playground with a table in the shape of Austria; children can play with Lego-bricks; building everyday a different ‘landscape’ of / on Austria. – Landscape not as something fixed, frozen but as something constantly in change.
Three screens playing a video-interview series of people who have been naturalised in Tirol. In the video they describe the place and the landscape they are originally from; and also how and why they ‘ended’ up in Tirol.  One can not hear them speak, but their stories are shown as subtitles. (One can not hear the accent or any language imperfection, but only read (focus) the descriptions of landscapes)
A red carpet surrounding the waiting space; a red carpet as a symbol of ‘welcome’.