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Solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig), Germany.

>>> text excerpt from The Monograph project:
The exhibition took place in an old villa built at the turn of the nineteenth to the twentieth century, and converted into a museum and exhibition centre in the 1990s by Peter Kulka. The architect decided on a classical approach and a linear space arrangement. One entered the exhibition space on the left side and walked from one room to another, ending at the exit on the right side. The spaces seemed to be perfect for a linear narration of an exhibition.
For this, I wanted to follow and to break the linearity in equal measure. I decided on a red carpet that would mark a path through all of the rooms; and exactly above, I put up a ceiling as wide as the strip of carpet that defined the path. Instead of being separated, the rooms were now connected through a kind of corridor. The works were arranged in dialogue with this architectural intervention; for instance the neon work chopsticks – how to do that? was installed above the ceiling—and one could only see the reflection of the red lights on the white walls and windows. This way, one was walking under the ceiling, and had to step out to see my artworks. (JY) <<<

Following works where exhibited:
> coming home – daily structures of life
> BA006 – chicken with curry rice
> korean new year
> room with a view on…
> greetings from…
> chopsticks – how to do that?
> from… – how to do that?