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vinyl text, newspaper-pages (POTS Weekly, Taiwan)

MoCA Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Naked Life exhibition 2006

Grey-Guide sample:
Grey Guide No.7: Thai Illegal Migrant Workers
– Get a working contract to enter country
– Go underground when contract, residence permit is about to expire
– Use local Thai network to hide
– Find small factories in the outskirts: less police and better paid
– Settle in areas between two districts: less surveillance
– Go to ‘asylum’ temple when you want to return: they have contact to police for deportation

Grey-Guide was printed (every week during the duration of the exhibition) in the weekly paper POTS.
With the support of POTS Weekly (破週報), MoCA Taipei and the assistance of Taiwan International Workers Association (TIWA).

Camouflage: Grey-Guide is part of a work group with
Camouflage – LOOK like them – TALK like them
Camouflage: X-Guide


> POTS Weekly (Chinese)
> TIWA – Taiwan International Workers Association (Chinese)