performance recreating an image taken from the newspaper (using that day's newspapers) | newspaper print of photograph of the reenactment

A performance in which over a period of one month every day one newspaper image was chosen and recreated, built in a space of 4.0×3.0x2.5m using that day’s newspapers (Der Standard, Vienna). The entire process was visible, the performance took place during the opening hours of the exhibition Progetto Arte at the Semperdepot, Vienna. 12.April to 8.May 1997. (Photo #01)

Photo #02:
AS I SAW (selection of three days’ performance) was printed as part of ‘museum in progress’ in ‘Der Standard‘ (austrian newspaper), June 1997.

Photo #03, #04, #05: Performance in the exhibition: Le Printemps de Cahors, (FR), 1999; in collaboration with french newspaper ‚La Depeche du Midi‘.
After each day’s performance a photo of the reenactment was taken and the performance was published the next day in the newspaper.
The performance took place during the exhibition’s opening hours.

AS I SAW as a performance has been done with several newspaper:
Der Standard, Semperdepot, Vienna (AT), 1997
La Depeche du Midi, Le Printemps de Cahors, Cahors (FR), 1999
Le Parisien, Galerie Vallois, Paris, 2000
WAZ – Wolfsburger Allgemeine, Kunstverein Wolfsburg, 2000
LVZ – Leipziger Volkszeitung, Galerie für Zeigenössische Kunst Leipzig, 2001
Svenska Dagbladet, Index, Stockholm, (SE), 2002