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Texts from THE MONOGRAPH PROJECT, jovis, Berlin 2015, 2018.
Concept developed by Jun Yang and Barbara Steiner, and translated into a visual format by Oliver Klimpel.

VOLUME 1-3, 2015:

JUNE YOUNG (vol. 1)
Barbara Steiner: The Monograph and Others Projects
Huang Chien-hung: The City as a Map
Kim Sunjung: A Better Tomorrow
Jun Yang: A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering
Jun Yang: Norwegian Woods
Jun Yang: Seoul Fiction
H. Phoebe Huang Marzec: Meet Jun Yang

YANG JUN (vol. 2)
Barbara Steiner: The Artist as Enabler/Stimulator/Activator/Inspirer of Social Processes
Amy Cheng: Vagabonds and Freedom: The Art-Space Production in the Capitalist World
Vasif Kortun in Conversation with Jun Yang
Meiya Cheng: A Proposal is, should, could and would…
Jun Yang: a contemporary art centre, taipei (a proposal)
Jun Yang: DAM – a magazine / a paper about / with Daein Art Market or The difficulties of doing a site-specific project related to a community
Claudia Pestana: a proposal for a public space – a cinema and Micro M

TUNG YANG (vol. 3)
Barbara Steiner: Five restaurants, two bars, two take-away and eat-in restaurants, two cafés, a public garden with a kiosk, a hotel room
Jun Yang: coming home – daily structures of life
Jun Yang: Eat, Drink, Art, Business
Tie Yang, Dong Ngo and Jun Yang on ra’mien
Tie Yang, Dong Ngo and Jun Yang on ra’mien go
Dirk Cwienk and Heike Laser on gfzk garden
Hu Fang and Jun Yang on Paris Syndrome
Dirk Cwienk and Heike Laser on Café Paris Syndrome
Angela Boehnke and Annett Koch on Hotel Paris Syndrom
Johannes Ringel on Hotel Paris Syndrom
Jun Yang: Visualization of Content, Needs, and Attitude: On Taipei Contemporary Art Center’s Space
Denise Radulescu: Cinematic Architecture
Sophie Thalbauer: Are You Hungry?
Mami Kataoka: Necessity, Compatibility and Possibility—Philosophy of Equilibrium over Food
Jun Yang: Becoming European Or How I Grew Up With Wiener Schnitzel, In 4 Chapters

VOLUME  4-6, 2018:

JAN JUNG (vol. 4)
Barbara Steiner: Individual Matters and Shared Concerns
Claudia Büttner: On Changes in the Conception of Public Space, Art in the Public Space, and Public Art
Jeff Leung: Creativity in the Streets – a Double-Edged Sword
Holder Kube Ventura: Against Art Theory. The Question of the Political Character of Art
Martin Fritz: From Eating and Drinking to Speaking out and Taking Action!

YI CHUAN (vol. 5)
Andreas Spiegl: The Guest
Lei Yamabe: A Short Essay on Forgetting and Remembering or: How Jun Yang Failed to Be a Pure Name
Jun Yang in conversation with Barbara Steiner: On Plural Singularities and Singular Pluralities

JUN YANG (vol. 6)
Jun Yang: The Overview Perspective
Barbara Steiner: Appropriation, Annexation, Digestion, and Transformation
Oliver Klimpel: Palazzo Non Finito

More selected texts:
> Hu Fang, For the forgetting of memory, and the separation of arrival, Vitamin Creative Space
> Sabine B. Vogel, Look like them, talk like them, Kunstbulletin, 2003