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space concept, advertising lights, visual identity

Following the project a contemporary art centre, taipei (a proposal), Jun Yang worked together with Meiya Cheng, and Manray Hsu, (amongst others) to co-found Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC).
Yang created the space concept for both TCAC space 1 (2010-2012) and space 2 (2013-2015); the advertising signs for both spaces and the visual identity and logo of TCAC.
Jun Yang has been adviser of Taipei Contemporary Art Center since its founding.

TCAC 1.0 2010 – 2012
TCAC 2.0 2013 – 2015

> Taipei Contemporary Art Center, webpage
> Taipei Contemporary Art Center, facebook-page

The advertising lights is connected to the work White Light and also the +o house.

Taipei Contemporary Art Center 2010-2012
Taipei Contemporary Art Center 2013-2015