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various media, exhibition at Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou, 2008

Vitamin Creative Space Paris Syndrome, exhibition view external link
Paris Syndrome (video), project link
> Paris Syndrome (CIGE art fair installation)

The following works were shown in the exhibition:

Tomorrow will be even better, 明天会更好
Iron stand, tinned iron letters with paint

Paris Syndrome, 巴黎症
Video, 10 Minutes

P.S. Meatmarket-Lamp, P.S.肉菜市场-灯
Lampshade used at meat markets, light bulbs, cables

P.S. Vinylwood-Table, P.S.乙烯木-桌子
Wood table covered in adhesive vinyl with wood pattern

P.S. Busstop-Eames, P.S.公共汽车站-伊姆斯
Fiberglass chair, steel reinforcement

P.S. Apartmentblock-Tiles, P.S. 小区楼-瓷砖
Wood objects covered with tiles

P.S. Indoor Plants (…), P.S. 盆栽(…)
Cardboard, paint

P.S. Meatmarket-Lamp
Tomorrow will be even better
P.S. Indoor Plants
P.S. Apartmentblock-Tiles
Paris Syndrome (video)