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Super16mm Film on HD, Sound | Norwegian with English subtitles | 19’10 | Produced with LIAF 2008 (Lofoten International Art Festival)

A film on recording and writing of history.
A young woman is returning home (on a Norwegian island) – to sort out her mother’s house and her mother’s belongings. She asks herself what remains of the things left by her mother. Who decides what stays and what disappears of a person, of a life? She packs things into boxes, donates and gives them away. Back in the big city – and sees, like a deja vu, out of nowhere a reminder of her mother, of the past.

A film on the question of what remains of a person’s life, of all these memories. A film on what an archive, a museum is and who makes these choices and decisions. Filmed on the Lofoten Islands and Oslo, Norway in 2008.
It is part of the trilogy on memory together with A Short-Story on Forgetting and Remembering and Seoul Fiction.
This trilogy is the main feature of Book 1 June Young of The Monograph Project.


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