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text, New Year's calendar

The original installation was at the Mackey Apartment in Los Angeles. Text and a New Year’s calendar from a Korean Supermarket in the kitchen of that apartment.
In exhibitions that followed the New Year’s calendar was updated to the year of that exhibition; the sink of the kitchen became a drawing (adhesive vinyl).

i live here more asian than ever before – i become more conscious that i live here more asian than before
my parents are more chinese than the chinese in china :i realize, at dinner with a friend
the rice i cooked with japanese curry – japanese curry to which i have added tofu and some mussels
the beer we drink is ‘HITE’ a korean beer
all the ingredients that i got – i bought yesterday at this korean supermarket
the pop-songs, a compilation – i got the other day in china-town
‘V-channel charts’ – since i had no idea what music was now ‘current’, ‘up to date’ – since i hardly knew any interprets…

here i was – living by myself again -a new apartment: empty – how would i fill it up? even before getting to the decorative part before making myself comfortable – what would i eat – what would i cook – how?… i haven’t been cooking for myself for a while, i realize when i picked up the package the other day i stopped at a supermarket – i looked inside standing there i wondered what i could buy – what i could cook – i remembered a korean supermarket just a few blocks away -this thought made me more comfortable filling my shopping trolley i have not been to korea i don’t speak korean – nor do i have a certain affection to it – but still, something familiar rose even when the cashier asked me in korean … something i can’t quote … assuming by my appearance i am ‘one of them’ ‘I am korean’ – – i simply nod, – said enough what she asked me – what i responded to – i received a korean new year’s calendar -hanging above my sink…

Image 04: Another text work in the living room at the Mackey Apartment. It was installed above the dining table on the wall one saw first when entering the apartment.
perhaps the reason
why i don’t go to the chinese supermarket
standing next to the frozen shrimp
i constantly see my aunts

korean new year was produced during the Schindler Residency at the Mackey Apartment in Los Angeles. It is part of a group of works around coming home – daily structures of life.