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wood platforms, beer benches and tables, hammock, swings, lantern, a shop with different items on sale

Creating a garden facility with platforms, benches, lights, children play area, swings, hammock, toilet, running water; and a convenient shop Hei Di at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig (GfZK, Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig)

>>In the summer of 2006, parts of the garden were redesigned by the artist Jun Yang and transformed into a cultural and social meeting place. Museum visitors, students of the nearby academies, park visitors, and their children, as well as anyone else can make use of various special features ranging from a children’s playground, rest areas, and platforms.
A kiosk called Hei Di is selling various goods from Leipzig and the whole world that are not usually available via the usual distribution systems.
The individual elements are referencing the tradition of the German corner shop, Japanese gardens and convenience stores, grocery stores, Bavarian beer gardens, and Asia shops. The conceptual aim is to raise awareness on the circulation and distribution of goods, branding and local and global contexts. The kiosk is open from the beginning of April to the end of October, depending on the weather.<< (GfZK)

Poster #1 list of products, #2 replanting indoor-plants; designed by Tom Unverzagt.

>GfZK Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig

Images #1-3, #5-8 courtesy of GfZK, photos by Enrico Gunert

Poster #1 products
Poster #1, list of products
Poster #2, replanting of indoor-plants
Poster #2