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performance, photo booth pictures | photo-strips, each strip four pictures (40mm x 205mm)

SM Series (SM: Salariiman/Superman) exist in two series:

#1 SM and UN (Salariiman/Superman at the United Nations)
This series was produced while working for a conference at the United Nations Office in Vienna; during which I wore a Superman costume under a suit for the last remaining hour of each working day. After work I went to a photo-booth (photo-booths that take in a series four photos in approximately 18 seconds for each photo-strip) to take these photographs: from salariiman to superman.

#2 SM 01-80
This is the first series in this group of works.
For 20 days I went to a photo-booth to create the ‘perfect’ photo of the transformation of an office worker (jap.: salariiman) to superman. Each day four photo-strips were taken.

The video from salariiman to superman is based on these photographs and on this transformation.


> United Nations

SM at UN
SM 33-36
SM 73-76
SM 21-24
SM 25-28
SM 53-56